What is TLA50?

Transforming Life After 50 (TLA50) was launched by the California State Library to address the changing nature of aging. It has become a national model of innovation, not just for libraries, but all kinds of organizations that aim to serve and engage mid-life adults, ages 50+.

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couple on bikes, longevity, 6

photo of couple on bikes

People who have a positive attitude about getting older live an average of 7.5 years longer than those who don’t.

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photo of man fishing

In many of the most long-lived cultures, the concept of retirement does not exist.

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photo of woman and man at computer

A common misconception is that Boomers are averse to technology. Research shows that the majority are actually adept at using new technologies.

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photo of woman kneeling in the woods

While an interest in spirituality increases with age, many Boomers are exploring more diverse perspectives and practices.

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Today 11% of the world’s population is over 60. By 2050, 22% will be.

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photo of a group of couples

Boomers are a large and diverse group of people from all walks of life — not a single stereotype as commmonly perceived.

man gardening, volunteerism, 14

Boomers devote the most time to volunteer activities — almost double the national median for all ages.

woman patient, chronic conditions, 2

photo of woman patient

By 2030, more than 6 out of 10 Boomers will be managing more than one chronic condition.

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photo of two women rafting

Research confirms that an active social network of family and friends promotes healthy aging and increases mental health.

Boomers and Beyond: Who are the Boomers?

Approximately 77.6 million babies were born in the U.S. during the boom years of 1946 to 1964.  In general, these “Baby Boomers” are the largest, healthiest, most affluent, and best educated cohort of Americans ever to move through and beyond their fifties.  » Read more

Why does increased longevity matter?

Our current mental constructs of aging no longer match the reality of aging because aging itself is changing. Why? Because life expectancies have increased so dramatically over the last century.  In addition to which, people aren't just living longer, they're living better.  Many Boomers (and other generations as they age) will have 25-30 more years of productive living ahead!  » Read more