Despite challenging economic times, many resources are available to help library staff research, write, and submit winning government, foundation and corporate grant proposals. Here are a few tips that can help make for a successful grant:

  • Research potential funders before submitting an application.
  • Pick the grant opportunity that matches your project idea.
  • Follow grant application guidelines to the letter.
  • Answer exactly the application questions asked.
  • Use simple, direct language to succinctly answer each question (less is more).  
  • Make a case for your library and your proposed project. Be sure you’ve thought through what you’re attempting to do and why, and that this is clearly reflected in the application.
  • Be humble – receiving a grant is a privilege, not a right.
  • Demonstrate what you will do for others with a funder’s money – don’t ask what a funder can do for you.
  • Take advantage of all help the funder offers.
  • Celebrate but also comply with all timelines and reporting requirements, if you do receive a grant.

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